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Open Innovation to Drive Sustainability

Award Winning

Still solving large sustainable goals on your own? You don’t have to!

Create partnerships and industry-wide initiatives to tackle large sustainability challenges.

We help organisations identify the most promising solutions to their ESG goals.

We connect you with our own global start-up ecosystem of ESG focused start-ups and partners and can help run sustainable pilots.

Creating a Culture of Sustainability

Align your senior and middle management to create a culture of sustainability.

We help create a culture change process centred around your organisation’s sustainability goals and encourage your employees to come up with new and innovative ways to solve ESG challenges.

We can also help to realise these ideas using a rapid experimentation process.

ESG Benchmarking & Roadmap

We help benchmark you against your peers and industry to get a realistic sense of where the organisation stands in their ESG goals and ambitions.

We then help organisations create a tangible ESG roadmap centred around the quick wins and long-term value add projects.

Creating New Ventures

Create new ventures or partnerships to launch sustainable initiatives at scale.

Work with other companies in your vertical or value chain; jointly align on areas of common interest and work together to validate ideas & solutions from the ecosystem.

We help create new ventures which are either for-profit or social in nature to realise your ESG goals.

Our Product Approach

Our core insight is that sustainability initiatives fail because they are not fully supported by an organisation’s leadership BUT also that employees and the wider community are not engaged or inspired. In fact, a major failing that we see is that sustainability initiatives are becoming siloed with a common complaint that ‘sustainability is great but it has nothing to do with me’.

Our approach is simple and practical and aims to create alignment around a core strategy but then move fast through to execution. We believe that any sustainability or ESG initiative starts with alignment; understanding individual, departmental and regional variations in understanding is a vital first step. Once this is achieved we spend the time necessary to create alignment with all the key stakeholders who’ll need to be involved.

A unique attribute of the V-Box approach is that we believe in the power of the ecosystem – so our approach to execution will involve crowdsourcing ideas, looking for external partnerships and setting clear criteria for success. The end result will be a tested and market validated new product, new solution, new venture or new business.

The final part of our approach is sustainability and culture change. We hope that the first initiative will be a success and then we’ll work with you to share and communicate that success internally; we believe that culture change and innovation will then be able to spread through the organisation and create a lasting impact.

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We work at the intersection of sustainability, culture change and innovation. The three core principles which need to be engrained in an organisation to achieve its ESG goals.

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